My Creations


My music album, available everywhere. Also check out the how-i-made-it.

Spotify // Apple Music // Youtube Music // Soundcloud



A chrome extension for overriding website favicons. For this project, I also built bext, a tooling framework for building web extensions with Deno. Supports Chromium and Firefox browsers.

Johnny Decimal CLI


A CLI Utility for quickly navigating a Johnny Decimal Filesystem

A website for writing poetry on Fridays.

Other Projects I’ve been a part of

At Playstation Network…

I was on the PS5 launch team, where I worked on console user interfaces.

Before that, I worked on PS4 code, where I designed and built the tooling and console code for Playstation’s first Ad platform.

I also imagined/designed/built an internal PS4 emulation tool that became so essential for operations and meetings that it inspired Slack avatars.

Before Sony…

Other fun projects #