Bicycle 8:00-9:00, July 12, 2018

Bicycle Coffee

Bicycle Coffee is a roaster at near Jack London Square in Oakland, CA. It’s a pretty interesting place! They get their name from the fact that they deliver all of their roasts to nearby local merchants entirely by bike. They started as roasting and delivery only, but now have cafe locations in Oakland, LA, and in Tokyo. I used to live near the one in Oakland, so that’s the location I’m writing about.

The Vibe

Bicycle Coffee is a chill, no-nonsense vibe. They’re defnitely not going to try and impress you with some fancy glass cup or avocado toast. The location mirrors that attitude with an industrial look that doesn’t try and hide any of the inner-workings of the coffee shop. As one would expect, you’ll frequently see bikers here, either chillin after a ride, or just grabbin a cup. Because the shop is so no-nonsense, I think to first-timers, the baristas can feel a little cold, depending on who is behind the counter, but I generally have a good experience.

Bicycle Counter

The music also adds to this vibe. This time while I was there, we were listening to an Erasmo Carsol Playlist:

The Coffee

Bicycle Bags

Bicycle pretty much always just has three roasts: dark, medium, and decaf. This time, I got the medium roast, a guatemalan bean that was roasted here at Bicycle. It’s a relaxed, light, subtle coffee. It doesn’t have the acidity or bite of something like an Ethiopian bean, and the body is a kind of sweeter, less pushy taste. It’s definitely a daily-cup kind of coffee, which is to be expected from a shop of 3 roasts. Good, but not powerful. If you want coffee that’ll punch you in the mouth, this is not that. But if you want something easy to drink, the medium roast here is dank. And it comes in a cool cup. They have free coffee fridays, which are a great time to stop by and try a cup!

In a cool cup!