📸 Taiwan

中文 Dreams

So you have probably heard people say “you know you are really familiar with a language when you having dreams in that language”. So I’ll have you know that I DID have a dream in Chinese. Although it’s a bit different than you’d expect… In the dream, I was talking in Chinese. But no one understood me. And they’d respond in Chinese-sounding gibberish, getting increasingly frustrated that I didn’t understand what they were saying. People don’t even understand me in my dreams 😭

Socialist Healthcare is Best?

So I’ve been rock climbing in Taiwan. My main gym is in the basement of a car wash, but that’s a different story. Anyways, one day, I fell on my thn and thought I broke it. I went to the Cathay Hospital in central Taipei, and as a non-citizen, speaking very little Chinese or Taiwanese, and no health insurance in this country, I got a same-day doctors appointment, a (negative) x-ray, paid around $80 usd, and left with a wrap to keep it stabilized. Pretty sweet.