VX1 Session: The Problem


The Inspiration

This song is probably the most personal to me of all of these songs. My opinion is that I am too self-oriented, and that causes me to have difficulty in saying the things that someone needs to hear. So I guess this song is about that struggle, juxtaposing what I wish to to say against my frustration that I am unable to say the right thing at the right time.

The Songwriting

This song was originally built off the tag: Tag

I then took a little time to turn it into a loop:

The Vocal Loop

I spent the longest time on this song on Verse 1 lyrics. These are probably the lyrics I'm most proud of on the album; I think it flows better than any other verse on the album, and there are a few quirky/funny lines tossed in that give it a little more levity.

Version 2, Songwriting complete

Translated into acappella...

pre-leeann mix

At this point I kind of had a foundation for the song. Originally, I was trying to write a Verse 2, but nothing really flowed. Eventually, a comment on a mix from my good friend really unlocked the 2nd half of the song, and I think I basically threw it together in an evening.

mix 1

The Mixing