VX1 Session: Charlatan Days


The Inspiration

This song changed a LOT over its lifetime.

For this one, the melody and songwriting took inspiration from HONNE, and the soundscape was kind of inspired by Capital Cities and lofi hiphop.

I think what I admire about HONNE's songwriting is the simplicity of their melody lines. Because they are so simple, they stick in your mind easily. So I really wanted to drive Charlatan Days with a simple melody line, and let the more complexity/interest be driven by background parts.


Song Evolution

The biggest change for this song (and many other songs) was just tempo. I think this is because I wrote the song on piano. So that version is a bit more like a ballad. Once I started arranging and adding voices, I found that it worked a lot better a bit faster and bigger.

Interesting Features

For the percussion, I used both a spit take and a vocal drum machine.