📷 Seoul

Arriving in 인천

The parks here are really well maintained When we went into the mountains, there was usually spouts for spring water Despite the many cars in some places, it is also very walkable here Write your good memories on a ribbon! These are very common in Seoul The Sinpo International Market is dope I don't fit in the restrooms here

Exploring Incheon

Me and Mr. Han Me and Shonny People put a lock on relationships Karaoke!

New Years in Seoul

Is year ending happy or sad? YOU DECIDE. 청계천 stream lights Cheonggyecheon Stream More lights! Bosingak Bell signals the New Year Most police I have seen

Exploring Seoul

At old palaces, people like to take pictures with traditional dress Overwatch is starting to get big Lotte World is very lit It's common to see very old-looking structures next to very new-looking ones I think they want former president Park Geun-hye in jail Going up to the Buddhist temple It's very pretty up here

Learning 한글

There are very few letters to learn

Up the Mountain

Transportation here is amazing The trains go everywhere Soyosan! Beautiful at high elevation Something at the top I can't read And a mailbox

Onward to Singapore!


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