Yo. I'm Ben. 👋


I make apps. Some are useful. Others are not. I get good reviews, though:

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A web extension to add favicons to sites that don't have them. Good for pinned tabs.


Johnny Decimal CLI

A command line interface for interacting with a Johnny Decimal filesystem.



Think a quick-access google docs with syntax highlighting. Powered via websockets + codemirror.

Going to https://crockpot.bpev.me will create a new room. Then you can copypasta the new url, and share it. Anyone else with the same url will see the same thing you do.



A site for posting poetry that was written on Fridays.

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TFT Rollbot

A discord bot that rolls ultimate bravery team compositions for TFT.

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Big Daddy

Web extension that replaces "data" with "daddy". This was my first app ever.

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